Sarah Firth – The Ringmaster

What Sarah loves doing: Music festivals, cricket, going to the gym and walking with lions in Mauritius

Favourite Quote: “Do not take life too seriously; you’ll never get out of it alive” (Karl Popper)

Favourite Holiday Destination: The Maldives, Cyprus, The Virgin Islands, Thailand, mmmm – just can’t decide.

What Sarah is most proud of: Becoming a qualified hypnotherapist.

How Sarah describes herself in five words: honest, energetic, sentimental, creative and organised.


Graham Firth – MC

What Graham loves doing: Gigging with The True Deceivers

Favourite Quote: “I told you I was ill” (on Spike Milligan’s gravestone)

Favourite Holiday Destination: Nepal

What Graham is most proud of: My family & friends

How Graham describes himself in five words: tall, blonde, impatient, impulsive, reliable.


Stevie Edwards – Lion Tamer

What Stevie loves doing: Keeping people entertained (sometimes through nakedness).

Favourite Quote: silence, I kill you” (Achmed)

Favourite Holiday Destination: Sydney, Melbourne, Dominican Republic, Dubai. Oh I don’t know. All of the above.

What Stevie is most proud of: My children, I know it sounds soppy and as a real man I don’t do soppy but they really are the two most beautiful kids (well most of the time). If you become a regular of the Three Lions I’m sure you will be meeting them soon.

How Stevie describes himself in five words: genuine, ruggedly handsome??, funny (sometimes ha ha & sometimes just to look at) and fandabidozy.